Ship of Treasures


The Ship of Treasures Game was invented by two 10-year-olds, and was voted the best game from among 125 finalists in a special international challenge for young inventors. So grab a treasure map, hide your treasure chests, and start your search for hidden treasure. Lift up trapdoors to reveal loot to plunder from the other pirates, but beware – you could end up with cannonballs instead of booty. You’ll need a good strategy and some lucky rolls of the dice to be the first pirate to capture treasure chests from each of your fellow pirates…and win the game!

Game Contents:

  • 4 pirate playing pieces
  • 4 playing piece stands
  • 1 die
  • 1 direction die
  • 16 cannonballs
  • 12 treasure chests
  • 40 pirate cards
  • 1 plastic game board
  • 4 treasure maps
  • 4 wipe-off markers
  • 1 ship’s bow
  • Complete Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions:

– Am I missing Cards?
– Landing in water: Do we tread water until the next turn?
– Which player hides the treasure and cannonballs of the unused color?
– Can multiple items be hidden in the same spot?
– Can more than one player be on a single space?

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  • Age
    6 years and older
  • Number of players:
    2 - 4

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