The Oregon Trail Card Game


How Will You Die on The Oregon Trail?

All sorts of gruesome deaths await you and the rest of your wagon party in this official multi-player card game version of the classic computer game. To win you’ll need to keep one player alive all the way from Independence, MO to the Willamette Valley. But between rattlesnakes, starvation, dead oxen, broken bones, dysentery, and a host of other calamities the odds are long . . . almost as long as The Oregon Trail itself.

Players work together to move along the trail, fording rivers and playing Supply Cards to overcome calamities. But be warned–there will be times when it makes sense to let one of your wagon mates succumb to a calamity rather than expend precious supplies. And every time players go the way of all flesh, you’ll flip over the roster card and write their names on tombstones (don’t forget to include a quick epitaph). It’s a great way to relive your fond memories of one of the world’s most beloved computer games, and to kill off your family and friends at the same time. For 2 to 6 players, ages 12 & up.

Game Contents:

  • 58 Trail Cards
  • 32 Calamity Cards
  • 26 Supply Cards
  • 1 Laminated, Two-sided Wagon Party Roster
  • 1 Erasable Marker
  • 1 Die
  • Illustrated Instructions

The Oregon Trail Sample Play:

Tatiana, Greg, Kelly and Julie are playing The Oregon Trail Card Game. Each player is dealt five Supply Cards. (See Trail Guide instructions on how many cards need to be dealt) Tatiana was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming, so she goes first. She connects a Trail Card to the Start Card. Tatiana’s Trail Card says “Press Spacebar to Continue. Draw a Calamity Card Now”

Tatiana draws a Calamity Card and places it face up on the table.  It is an Extreme Cold Card.  “Extreme Cold. The temperature is below freezing. Bundle up and beat the cold with 1 Clothing Card. One round of play without a Clothing Card and you DIED of extreme cold.”

Play passes to Greg, who is sitting on Tatiana’s left. Greg says, “I have a Clothes Card I can spare for you.”  He hands his Clothes Card to the shopkeeper, who places it on top of the other Clothes Cards in the Supply Shop. Tatiana removes the Extreme Cold Card and discards it. Greg’s turn is over and play passes to the left.

If Greg did not have a Clothes Card (or if he had one and chose not to play – sorry, Tatiana!), then he either plays a Trail Card or draws a new Trail Card if he doesn’t have one to play. Play then passes to the left.

On Tatiana’s next turn, if the Extreme Cold Card has not been remedied, she can play a Clothes Card to save herself. If she doesn’t have a Clothes Card, she can trade for one from the Shop (see, Trading Supply Cards, in the Trail Guide). If she still isn’t able to obtain a Clothes Card, she freezes to death. Either way, this ends the round. Play passes to the left.  Good Luck…. You’ll need it!

This isn’t the end of The Oregon Trail…

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  • Age
    12 years and older
  • Number of players:
    2 - 6

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