True Colors™


Find out what your friends REALLY think of you!

Think you know your friends?  Think they know you? True Colors is the revealing party game that will prove how well you really know each other! After a game card is read, players secretly cast votes for who they think fits the description. Do you think you’ll get SOME, ALL or NONE of the votes?  Guess right, and you’ll score! The player with the most points after 10 cards wins.  Featuring over 170 hilarious questions, True Colors is the perfect choice for game night. What will True Colors reveal to you?  For 3 to 6 players, ages 13 and up.

Game Contents

  • 85 Double-Sided Question Cards
  • 60 Voting Cards
  • 6 Colorful Avatars
  • 1 Ballot Box
  • 3 Guessing Cards
  • Complete Instructions

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  • Age
    13 years and older
  • Number of players:
    3 - 6

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